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Our story

The community library believes every individual should access to books and thinking, express, imagination through books. We are committed to create a space for excellent education to all through our library. The community library program is a learning lab for developing best practices and programmes that promote reading, especially for first-generation readers, for all who have limited access to reading, and for all who wish to read. Our library provide a model for anyone wishing to create similar libraries.

Who we are

Gramothhan was established in 2016 to help the tribal and rural community in gramothhan community library through books and reading. Gramothhan is based out of Sonepur of Odisha. with a staff of 10 memebrs and 12 volunteers. Gramothhan aims to establish libraries in community in rural and tribal Odisha

Our work and its impact

We at Gramothhan current focus on excellent education in odisha. we have 5 learning centre through community support and have a plan the sustainability of this centre shall be community. same time we have stated community library for improve reading habit and think through books. Children are access direct in centre with free of cost. we at gramothhan placed two valunteers in a centre for joy full reading.

How we will utilize these funds

Gramothhan aims to start 12 library centre. We want to raise funds so that the children have good books to read and study.