Library on Wheels

by Nayan Mehrotra

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  • Impact: 500 children
  • Languages: English, Hindi
  • Beneficiary Type: Reading Centre / Library
  • Location: Jaipur, Rajasthan

Our story

It's an open library catering to children from all sections of the society to cultivate love and habit for reading.The whole concept of the "Library on Wheels" is to take the library to them.This will benefit children living in slums as they do not get easy access to books.Through the open library, my aim will be to let children's imagination float and not sink in limited textbooks. Moreover, reading also helps in children's language development, and overall literacy development. Once kids discover the joy of reading, nothing can stop them from having the most wonderful treasure: a rich imagination.

Who we are

I am Nayan from Jaipur, I did Masters in Education from Azim Premji University Bangalore and then worked as a teacher, curriculum designer and teacher trainer at Bodh Shiksha Samiti. Currently, I am working as a mentor in the Language and Learning Foundation. I enjoy most when I am with children and un-learning with them. I like to read aloud stories to young children. I also like to explore and implement alternative ways to teaching and learning and kids have been my strongest teacher who always guides me, critique me and help me to become a better human being. Being surrounded by children and learning with them is a blessing. One can never become old when we are with children.

Our work and its impact

Currently,I am working with 25 teachers who are enrolled in Prarambhik Bhasha Shikshan Certificate Course, teaching language in primary classrooms. I am experiencing the impact the delivering a good in-service capacity building program.This impact is not limited to teachers but the results get reflected in the way they teach now and overall learning experiences of children in classroom. Teachers earlier used to think that children should not be asked to talk or share their experience in classroom as they view 'discussion' as waste of time. Hence, story-telling and letting students freely share their thoughts/opinion in their mother tongue was not encouraged so much. While mentoring in the course, I have seen a shift in the teacher's perspective.Now, they consider talk and reading-aloud as one of the most important activity that helps children in writing, vocabulary development and language development. I firmly believe that learning experiences at early age shapes children in multiple ways and story-books/reading are proven wonderful resources that children can treasure."Library on Wheels" will provide enormous opportunities to children to explore children literature of different genres and additionally, there will be activities attached to the sessions.Let us make reading a culture which is enjoyed and respected by all.

How we will utilize these funds

The funds will be utilized to create an open space/library on wheels where kids get access to children literature. And this space will enrich reading experiences through story-telling engaging deeply with any book or just looking at book to understand 'yes! I will read, may be not now but later'. With this activity, I want to engage with the parents and larger community also on discussing the importance of reading. In order to get good marks and good grades parents pressurize kids so much and they miss a lot of fun while learning. Its not the end result that matters what matters is the process, because only in the process we learn most grades are mere reflection of our enjoyment we had in the process of learning. Hope, that zeal and enthusiasm with which child asks questions and enjoy every moment, we don't kill that just to see good marks on a piece of paper. Once kids develop the love for reading, no one can stop