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Our story

My team and I work in several government schools in villages close to the city of Hubballi. On one such day while we were in a multi-grade classroom the children on their own began to pick up the 20 odd storybooks in the classroom and began reading. It was a deeply moving moment for us to witness the concentration with which they read the stories and joy with which they shared it with their friends but the pitfall was that there were only these many books.

Who we are

I work with Kshamtalaya Foundation. I have a deep and abiding love for the human journey towards knowledge and discovery. I want to bring this to my children and community in Hubli!

Our work and its impact

Kshamtalaya Foundation works in numerous schools in Rajasthan and Karnataka. While the core focus of our work is centered around the school, integral to our idea of education and learning is to involve the community and its knowledge to enrich the schooling system and also bring accountability to it.

How we will utilize these funds

From my experience working in schools, I have found that there is so much emphasis laid on the school that other modes and spaces of learning such as the library are completely sidelined or forgotten. The funds will be utilized to stock up the library in Kundagol and several other Gram Panchayat libraries with brilliant and moving books. In order to ensure that the children begin to frequent the library, we are also working on a library outreach program which will have the library at the centre and carry out events that will encourage reading. This is why we want you on this journey. We want to bring more resources, books, space so that the children's relationship to reading is not just limited to their textbooks and an institutional space such as the school. Moreover, we want the entire community to join in so that they can read, write, enjoy and grow together. A library is a great place for a revolution. They are gateways to new knowledge, cultures, ideas, dreams and create vocabularies that enable voice and self-expression.