HTC(Helping Tribal Children) through books

by Savera Foundation

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  • Impact: 1200 children
  • Languages: Hindi, English, English
  • Beneficiary Type: Not-for-Profit Organisation
  • Location: Tisri Block of Giridih district, Jharkhand
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Our story

Tisri is one of the remote block of Girdih district. There is a lack of quality education in the school. We want to set up library in the govt school in order to enrich the knowledge of Tribal children. It will enhance their knowledge level and make them sustained.

Who we are

Savera Foundation is a voluntary organization working for the upliftment of Dalit and Tribal in remote areas of Koderma and Girdih districts of Jharkhand. We are working on the goals and objectives of SDG 2030. In this connection, we are working on giving quality education to the Tribal children in govt school. As these areas were mica mines areas, children are indulged in mica mines as a child laborers. We enroll them to the school and mainstream them to education. We are also running a remedial centers for children. The children are getting education free of cost.

Our work and its impact

We will provide quality education to the children in the govt schools.It is one of the goals and objectives of SDG 2030. After getting quality education they will become a part of the change and will share their hands in changing the community and society. The children will become sustained and live a better and dignified life.

How we will utilize these funds

We will set up the library in the govt schools. It will enrich the resources of the school. We will effectively monitor and evaluate after setting up the library. We will also give exposure and capacity building training to some teachers or SMC members on effective library management.