The hummingbird's library and storytelling initiative

by Ayang

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Our story

The hummingbird's mobile library and story telling initiative has 25 govt schools and 2 low budget private schools catering over 1000 tribal and low income family's children. Help us reach to these kids with brilliant stories and perspectives.

Who we are

The Hummingbird school was established in Jan 2017 in a tribal village in Majuli island. The school currently has 260 students from 25 different tribal villages around and 70 of them living in the school campus.

Our work and its impact

We are currently working with different government schools and low budget private schools in the district on reading and storytelling programs. The impact of this initiative reaches to over 1000 tribal and low income family's children around the district.

How we will utilize these funds

The funds will be utilised to set up a mobile library which will travel to each school on a certain day of the month and have reading and storytelling programs. The books will be further exchanged with another set of books the next month and so on.