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Our story

KHUSHIYA THE TOY LIBRARY‎- Our Library is used to hold creative and educational classes, providing street-children with a platform for mental and physical development. We want to nourish these children with love and care, whilst providing them education in a fun, creative and light-hearted way. There is no better feeling than a neglected child revealing his or her hidden talent – in drawing, painting, writing or dancing. We aim to motivate them to continue their studies and understand the importance of education”

Who we are

MaitriManthan Sansthan was founded on 9 Dec. 2013 by Ms. Monika Sharma. It provides valuable services to deprived rural communities surrounding Udaipur. MaitriManthan Sansthan also extends its commitment towards Healthcare facilities, Education, Environment, Women Empowerment, Child Development and Social Awareness. Sansthan mainly works in the healthcare sector in rural areas, providing free healthcare facilities to deprived rural people. Helping them in every possible is the main work carried out by Sansthan. Today MaitriManthan is all about helping and giving to the underprivileged to transform their lives and bringing about the CHANGE required within our society. As the name suggests: Maitri means “People of similar mentality” and Manthan means “Collaboration to Productive outcome”. Hence, MaitriManthan is a holistic approach towards planning and executing some life-changing activities with the help of passionate people like YOU. We believe in Giving,

Our work and its impact

MaitriManthan Sansthan is working on the education and development of children through regular classes for drop out children, sessions of Life Skills Education for adolescents and recreation of children through games and sports activities. Through the books collected by the donation will be used for children to gain knowledge also develops the habit of reading them. The aim behind such activities are to make them responsible and educated citizens of the India, so that they can also contribute towards the development of a good nation.

How we will utilize these funds

Funds will be utilized on the purchasing of books for children who are coming to special regular classes at Bilakh Village & Mandesar Village (Mandesar Village- where we are going to open 4th new educational Center by month of end) and for the children who are attended the sessions of Life Skills Education in rural villages at near by Udaipur. These children belongs to economically deprived families and maximum are dropouts. Through regular classes and Life Skills Education session we are trying to retain these children into formal education. To fulfill this purpose we need books for children to read, learn and gain knowledge.