Give story books for village children

by Sahyog Foundation

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  • Impact: 500 children
  • Languages: Kannada, Telugu, English
  • Beneficiary Type: Not-for-Profit Organisation
  • Location: Sambandapalli Grampanchayat, Tamilnadu
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Our story

Sahyog Foundation is a Not Profit social enterprise, registered in Bangalore. We impact learning outcomes for children, we develop life skills and creativity in children in villages through sports and storytelling. We conduct these at the village level 6 days a week. We work closely with communities, parents and teachers. Currently we are working in a cluster of 12 villages, impacting 500 + children. The cluster is in Sandanpalli, Krishnagiri district in Tamil Nadu, about 65 km from Bangalore.

Who we are

Sahyog Foundation is a team of 4 co-founders having varied and complementary skills. The team members have relevant domain knowledge in child education, innovation, leadership and social sector. The co-founders have worked together at Global Action on Poverty (GAP) – a Not-for-Profit enterprise helping change-makers scale their operations. The co-founders share similar values, passion and focus on outcomes and delivery of impact. The team feels strongly that we should prevent reinventing of the wheel and collaborate with other organisations to learn and implement good solutions and best practices and thereby deliver accelerated social impact

Our work and its impact

68% of our children live in villages, they face many challenges and have limited access to resources including support and guidance from parents and elders. Even when they complete their studies the village children find it difficult to earn a livelihood. Our focus is to help build life skills and creativity in rural children. It is a well-known knowledge that storytelling builds following critical abilities in children: listening, communication, confidence, imagination, memory, concentration and values. We focus on developing these in children in the age group of 5-14 years which is their most impressionable age. Through Sahyog Foundation’s initiative, we expect the children will be better prepared to deal with their challenges and earn & create much better livelihoods for themselves.

How we will utilize these funds

We plan to procure 6 library kits in the local languages of the children. Each of the kits will be shared among children from 2 villages. The total number of children that will be impacted is 500 +. Currently, we are using downloaded copies in black &white from Story Weaver of Pratham Books, the library will help children get the joy of touching, feeling and reading the books in colour.