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Our story

We are all from remote villages in Gopalganj district (Bihar) . we need books in our village. We need good books. You know, We do not play with books. We do not read the books. Because, we do not have books. We want you to donate a book to us.

Who we are

Story of Zindagi foundation... Two years ago, we were forced to teach the children of the village. The community library was initiated in the village to fulfill this motive. Last year, a library was opened in old books in Jadopur Dukhharan village of Gopalganj district of Bihar state. More than 500 children have been given books. Now our plan to open 20 libraries in other villages of Gopalganj district.

Our work and its impact

Zindagi Community library is a dream initiative of Zindagi foundation. This initiative is getting better results in rural society. Thousands of children are getting the benefit of the Zindagi Community library.. In June last year, a Zindagi Community library was started for the children in the village Gopalganj(Bihar). This initiative is unique in itself. Because the library starts with old books. In which children's books were collected from the door to door. The library has the effect that children play with books. Read books. Now children's time is not wasted in other things. Foundation Trying to improve the lives of the children through the community library in the village.

How we will utilize these funds

Zindagi Foundation plan to open 20 libraries in villages of Gopalganj district(Bihar) by June 2018. The library will be dedicated to the village and children. Hindi and English books will be kept in the library. The students of the government school will also take advantage of this library. The foundation also plans to open a reading center for children in village area.