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Our story

The people that live and work on or near the Sambhar Lake are mostly in poverty and belong to the most deprived sections of the society. Their annual per capita income is between Rs. 18000 to 24000 per annum and is derived primarily from saltpan work, marginal farming, agricultural labor and animal husbandry. Wages fluctuate seasonally as does the demand for workers.

Who we are

We are running Child Resource centers in different villages at Sambhar salt lake Block of Jaipur Rajasthan For drop-out and left out children. we are also running Community-based learning centers to improve education in the area. right now more than 800 children benefited in all centers.

Our work and its impact

The scenario of education in the area seems to be characterized by the persistence of illiteracy, low level of enrolment in formal education and high dropouts, specifically for girls. GCK has been implementing programs for basic education to improve the educational status of the area. The goal of the program is to develop a program of quality education for all children (universal coverage) through community participation and empowerment of mainstream education systems in the villages of the program area. It emphasizes on ensuring enrolment and retention of children in schools, facilitating access to quality of education, and ensuring community participation in the program.

How we will utilize these funds

Funds will be utilized for buying Pratham books library-in-classroom (books + hanging library kit). we have already running CRC, CLC centers to improve education. books will be useful for the children. children everyday use of all the books.