Setting Up Library in Remote Villages of Maharashtra

by Insight Walk Education

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Our story

Every child learning instead of working out of choice is a first step towards a beautiful change for our children! Join us in reaching children from 12 remote villages this year. Donate books and we will ensure children from rural areas spend time exploring their passion.

Who we are

About Insight Walk Insight Walk fellowship is a rural movement to ensure children of rural India lead a meaningful life and create a life of passion and purpose. We work with children of age group 6-14 years who are already outside the mainstream education living in the remote villages. Our fellows are mothers and elder girls from the village who spend their time with children in understanding them, mentoring them and teaching them life skills.

Our work and its impact

Where do we work? How do we choose villages/communities? Currently we are working in Laxmiwadi village and Sajani village in Maharashtra. This year we plan to move to 10 more villages. We identify the most vulnerable communities from rural areas and work directly with children of the age group 6-14 and their parents. Some of the factors we definitely take into consideration are: • Village with migrant and backward communities (Dalits, National Tribes, Adivasis, etc) • First generation learning communities • Villages with no direct access to basic facilities (hospitals, banks, private schools, etc) • Village/Community whose household income is less than 5-6 thousand per month (main bread winner) • Village where parents work for 12-14 hours 300+ days a year as casual labourers, farmers or daily wage earners • Village/Community where girls are not encouraged to go to school beyond primary schooling

How we will utilize these funds

These kits will be used directly by the children who otherwise have no access to resources to learn. These kits will mean children spend time learning skills over working as labourers in fields.