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by Saurabh Singh

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Our story

We are bunch of dreamers who study in a low income primary School (Republic Primary School) In Ahmedabad. We want to read and discover the joy of reading, but the availability of books of different levels is a problem for us. We require books for our Library. Your single contribution means a lot to us. Kids love books and they prefer books over anything else in the world. Help Us to Grow!

Who we are

I am Saurabh Singh, fellow at Teach for India and a class teacher to 50 curious 4th graders. My school, Republic Primary School, is located in Laldarwaja, Ahmedabad, a cramped slum of migrants. Majority of them have a huge problem of alcoholism in their family. I am just acting as a guide to help them read and grow and I want to do it with the best resources possible because they deserve it

Our work and its impact

Our vision in Teach for India is One day all children will attain an excellent Education and we are relentlessly working towards it . My kids dream to become actors, bankers, pilots, soldiers etc. and the most amazing part about their ambition is that they do not want to run away from the problems that exist there. Instead they want to solve it. This is why I call them “Leaders” because it needs a great deal of belief and courage to have great ambition, given the current scenario of their communities. They have their values, ambitions, and goals ready. All I have to do is to facilitate and I want to them to have the best which they actually deserve.

How we will utilize these funds

How can a school be complete without a library? I am planning to make a library for all of them to enhance kids’ reading and comprehension. Like I told you , kids love books and they prefer books over anything else in the world. the plan is to avail the books for all primary grades especially Grade 3, 4 and 5. For that I need books and I want to thank you because with me you are contributing to make a difference in their life.