To Improve the Knowledge of Rural Kids in Andhra Pradesh

by Adarsha Seva Samithi

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Our story

To Improve The Poor Learning Levels Of Their School Children By Sending Some Useful LIBRARY BOOKS AND LEARNING MATERIAL IN TELUGU, ENGLISH and Hindi To Improve The Reading Habit In The Rural School Children which is very useful to improve the LEARNING LEVELS of the students. Your donation will go straight into children lives and impact their knowledge and education. We highly appreciate any help from you.

Who we are

We are non – profit organization led by passionate and dedicated people to help the underprivileged and low – income people and communities grow to their full potential by providing them education, tools, training and resources

Our work and its impact

We do following. Provide Education, tools and training to under privileged children. Provide resources to communities to have easy access to clean water and sanitation. Help families to break the cycle of poverty. Improve the livelihood of artisan communities by providing tools and training. Educate and provide resources for better health for people. Help communities to have safe streets by providing and managing street lights. Help farmers by providing resources and tools for better agriculture. To make a bright future possible for all.

How we will utilize these funds

With the collected funds I want to setup a school,classroom library in our school by the end of April 2018.If the funds are more I will setup another library in nearby school also.