Sant Tukaram's Rising Readers

by Teach For India

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  • Impact: 300 children
  • Languages: English, English, English
  • Beneficiary Type: Not-for-Profit Organisation
  • Location: Pune, Maharashtra

Our story

We are a class of 80 eight year olds studying in a Government School in Pune. We require books for our library as we are undergoing a reading program which helps us work on our reading skills such as fluency, comprehension and vocab building. We are learning to express and write our thoughts about stories in our journals too. We need more books because we want to become independent individuals. Our learning levels are spread across from pre-emergent to levelled reading. We really hope you see reason and purpose and donate us a book.

Who we are

I am a fellow working in a Teach for India classroom. I teach 100+ kids across 1st 2nd and 3rd grade in a Government School. I work along with 2 fellows and 4 volunteers to put these kids on a life changing path. Our goal is to bridge the gap for these kids and get them on grade level in literacy and math.

Our work and its impact

Teach for India’s fellowship has enabled me to work as a full time teacher. We believe that every child should attain an excellent education. We try to achieve that goal by ensuring all the kids pursue college education. I aim to build life skills and competencies that enable my kids to carve a life that is successful in their own definition of it. In two years 50% of our 90 kids have shown incremental growth in reading and comprehension skills. They have transformed into grade level readers from pre-emergent level. We are striving to cultivate strength of character and language skills so they can articulate their learning by increasing access to storybooks. My vision for these children is for them to use their educational journey to bring positive change around them. These children will build on their own unique strengths to approach society from a place of understanding where they can aid the upliftment of the community.

How we will utilize these funds

We want to add new books to our small library of only 200 books. Pratham Books are contextualized to Indian settings and have more relatable content that the kids enjoy. We have kids who struggle with reading and books disconnected to their context does not create a sense of curiosity. We will utilize the funds by purchasing one library in classroom set and 500 other books to give the kids a more resourceful environment. We are starting Read at Home program where the kids can issue a book, read at home and pen their thoughts on the character and the story in the journals.