Support rural Tamilnadu children to discover the joy of reading!

by Deepak Chandra S M

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Our story

We are 814 children from 3 Sarva Seva schools and 56 villages in Kanchipuram district of Tamilnadu. So far, our only exposure to text has been state-provided textbooks. Though our houses and villages are small, our dreams are big. To get one step closer to our dreams and widen our world, support us by giving books. Be a catalyst in our process of discovering the joy of reading :)

Who we are

We, Maya and Deepak are a teacher couple, we believe that each and every child is unique irrespective of the background they come from and that given the right opportunities every child will blossom. We are both post graduates from IIT Madras and have done our Teach For India Fellowship in Chennai. It was our discontent with the glaring divide between rural and urban education that led us to move to a rural area and take up the Teach For India fellowship in a low income private school. We are currently exploring the answers to the challenges of rural education through working as teachers at ASSEFA School, Pooriyampakkam.

Our work and its impact

ASSEFA which stands for Association for Sarva Seva Farms started as the Phase-2 of Vinoba Bhave's Bhoodan movement, with the mission to promote gram swaraj or self reliant rural communities. To this end, ASSEFA has started schools in various villages across Tamilnadu. We are part of the Madhuranthagam project which includes schools in Pooriyampakkam and Periyakalakadi. As teachers in the school, we are working to contextualize the urban curriculum to suit the rural needs. We also work as teacher trainers towards empowering teachers to reach each and every child. A project for setting up learning centers across the villages is in the pipeline to promote adult literacy as well.

How we will utilize these funds

We will be setting up 4 school libraries, 2 classroom libraries and 4 libraries for the learning centers. Through these libraries, we hope to spark the interest towards reading and push the reading levels of the children. These libraries will be spaces where children, teachers and adults in the villages come together to learn and share stories.