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by Pipodara Upper Primary School

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Our story

"Read it HAPPY" is a project for Building a multilingual library in school for students, as the students have less exposure to the other languages except Gujarati, that is impacting negatively in their life. So, help us to build a School library with Multilingual Interesting books for a better future of those students.

Who we are

"Cleanest School of Mangrol Block-2016-2017" award winner "Pipodara Upper Primary School" is 113th year old school that is creating positive change among its community with various approaches in education. Hiteshbhai, current Principal of this school is motivated and determined to build a strong future for his students. He felt the lack of exposure to different languages of his students that were impacting in their higher education outside Gujarat. So, he is now willing to build a "Model Library" in school. Help him to do so.

Our work and its impact

With this library students will receive books of different languages that will help them to enhance their language bank, and make them confident for future, as they will be familiar well with English and Hindi language. It will create an impact directly upon 366 students of this school and also in community. We are now planning to fix a special reading class and library period before and after the school hours for them for better utilization of the library.

How we will utilize these funds

The funds will be utilize for setting up a " Model Library" with interesting multilingual books and hanging library in classroom for students, for their better future.