Strengthen Library Programme for Children of Migrant Construction Workers

by Mumbai Mobile Creches

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Our story

Mumbai Mobile Creches runs comprehensive daycare centre programmes for children of migrant construction workers. Our education programme focuses on developing their reading skills, which helps to learn languages better and boosts their imagination at young age. Your support will enable us to strengthen the library corners in our daycare centres.

Who we are

Mumbai Mobile Creches was founded with the belief that every child has a fundamental right to security, education, health care and protection. After its founding in Delhi in 1969, the organisation branched out to Mumbai in 1972 and Pune in 1980. Since 2006, Mumbai Mobile Creches has been registered as a separate identity. Running daycare centres on construction sites in Mumbai, MMC at present runs 21 centres across Mumbai, Navi Mumbai and Thane. MMC has been the only NGO in Mumbai that focuses on children of migrant construction workers, a population estimated to be over 30,000.

Our work and its impact

MMC runs comprehensive daycare centre programmes for children living on construction sites, focusing on their educational, nutritional and healthcare needs. Our model of comprehensive child care and work is in close partnership with parents, the construction industry, labour communities, government agencies and concerned NGOs to promote child rights. An MMC daycare centre typically comprises of three sections - a creche for children under three, a preschool (balwadi) for children in age group of 3-5 years and an after school support section for children above 6 years. MMC has developed and pioneered a model that supports the development of the very young child, frees young children from the burden of child care and supports children to get into and stay in school. In the last forty two years, MMC has reached over 100,000 children in over 270 centres across Mumbai, Navi Mumbai and Thane.

How we will utilize these funds

The funds raised through this campaign will enable us to provide age appropriate books to children attending our daycare centres on construction sites and other disadvantaged communities. Every MMC daycare centre has a library corner to encourage reading habits in a growing child. Moreover, it is an engaging tool to boost the childs imagination and creativity at a very young age. It also provides our children exposure to the world outside construction sites. This campaign will be an excellent opportunity to strengthen our library programme, thereby enabling access to a variety of books for our children.