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Our story

Reading Keeda Library was formed because of two friends - one an engineer and another a pediatrician, who believe that reading as a habit helps tremendously in an individual's growth. This led to Reading Keeda - an ideological initiative run on a not-for-profit model. We believe that the sooner a child becomes a reader, the greater impact it has on him or her. Also, parent-child relationship can flourish even more over reading of a book. For this, we are continuously striving to add diverse books to our library. Help us in making our members stay bitten by the reading bug!

Who we are

Reading Keeda was established in 2014 in Nagpur as a summer library. The aim was to rekindle the love of reading books among children. After 3 years, we decided to take it to a bigger scale and cater to a larger population by making it an around-the-year library. With 2 co-founders, 1 library coordinator and a fair number of well-wishers, we are slowly and steadily climbing up our members' count. We have also tied up with a local corporation school, so as to give more kids a chance to make reading a part of their routine! We also have a "Parent-Kid" duo membership under which parents and kid both can select books and magazines of their particular choice, side-by-side!

Our work and its impact

Reading Keeda's aim is to inculcate as well as nurture reading in kids. This is possible only if a kid is provided with many choices across different genres. Hence, even a 2-year old child can pick from board books, cloth books, touch and feel books, to books shaped as Dinosaurs, sea animals and buses in our library. Similarly older kids can choose from picture books, moral stories, mystery books. old and new classics, and many more. Moreover, since a library can be a place to both "read and play", every Saturday is Activity Day for us when we take activities like storytelling, Know The Author, Aeromodelling session, Splash in Colours, etc. Seeing one’s parent reading too, acts as a positive reinforcement for a child's psyche. Hence, we also have a Parent-Kid duo membership and have a parenting related session every month. Not just reading, we also are on a mission to encourage vernacular reading. Hence, we have books not only in English but also in Hindi and Marathi and bi-lingual books.

How we will utilize these funds

A library’s beauty and power lies in the immensity of the magical worlds it can give to its readers. Since we are a not-for-profit library continuously striving to expand our catalog, with these funds, we hope to stock up our library with some beautiful vernacular copies. Also, tying up with a corporation school has indirectly doubled our member count. Hence, the more books we get, the more members we can keep happy and hopefully, will help us in attracting more members to stay bitten by the reading bug.