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  • Impact: 1000 children
  • Languages: Hindi, Marathi, Marathi
  • Beneficiary Type: Not-for-Profit Organisation
  • Location: Nagpur, Maharashtra

Our story

We are raising fund to establish library in a school of one thousand students belonging to low income families. Help us to take these students to the wonderful world of school library. We are looking forward for the day when these children will go back home with a story book in their hands.

Who we are

Can you ever imagine a childhood without books…. no colourful pictures, no bedtime stories, no stories that teach you innumerable things possible with a little imagination. This is exactly the story of countless children hailing from low income group of our country – a childhood without books and stories. Literacy becomes nearly impossible without stories, books and access to libraries. That is where LASA CHARITABLE FOUNDATION come in. We establish libraries in school where low income group studies benefiting thousands of poor children and transforming their lives through education. Libraries allow these children to ask questions about the world and find the answers.

Our work and its impact

Lasa Charitable Foundation establishes school library full of local language books that can be enjoyed by students at various levels. These books cover topics that capture children’s imaginations and make reading fun. Our goal is to inspire children to read, expand their minds, and develop a lifelong love for reading and learning. The school library open the door to wonders and miracles, glimpses into other lives, religions, experiences, the hopes and dreams and strivings of all human beings.

How we will utilize these funds

Lasa Charitable Foundation aim to set up libraries in 10 schools which do not have a library in this academic year. The fund generated will be used for purchasing books. The project will be benefitting thousands of students of class 1 to XII. These libraries will help children develop reading habits and skills which are essential for their educational success.