Help Padmashree build movement of enthusiastic Democratic readers

by Greenland public school

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  • Impact: 200 children
  • Languages: English, Hindi, Kannada
  • Beneficiary Type: Budget Private School (fee structure less than Rs.500 per month)
  • Location: Bengaluru, Karnataka

Our story

I Padmashree am a teach for India fellow and I hope to build a library for my 200 kids who belong to low income private school in rural areas of Bangalore. I have always seen how much my kids want to read and learn but all the lack are access to good books . I hope to give them the best resources and books to read. The school consists of all low income kids who cannot afford to buy books. Please do the needful :) Thank you in advance. Help us become Democratic readers

Who we are

As I started my teach for India fellowship in 2016 , I saw kids looked up to me to teach them something interesting , something new. These 28 kids belonged to low income community and the only access they had to reading was their text books . I started having read aloud's for them and exposed them to picture books . As I was doing the above for my own class , I realised that the kids from high school couldn't even write or read a sentence which led me to think about my impact across other classes So , here I am raising funds to buy books for my whole school which consists of 200 kids.

Our work and its impact

I am q teach for India fellow . I work in a low income private school as a fellow. I work in collaboration with the parents ( providing them employment opportunity ) principal and school teacher to impact and develop academics , values and mindset within myself and my kids.

How we will utilize these funds

It will be utilised to buy 3 'library in a classroom' kit