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Our story

We are around 750 in number of age group of 3-24, poor, marginalized, vulnerable and deprived community children of whom some are enrolled in schools and some are not. We need books for our library as we wish to learn and read more and more. It will be more helpful if we can get books in our preferred languages.

Who we are

Gram Chetna Kendra, which translates to Village Awareness Center, was formed in the year 1986 by the group of socially conscious individuals, under the leadership of Mr. Om Prakash Sharma, for the upliftment of the vulnerable, marginalized and deprived section of the society. It is located 50 kms away from the Jaipur city and covers the community of Sambhar Lake block. Our main target are children who are far more affected as their parents take them along in salt extraction work in Sambhar Lake affecting their studies.

Our work and its impact

GCK's mission is to benefit the marginalized, vulnerable and deprived children in terms of their inclusive development which includes their health, education, social development, economic development, etc. This is actually a child centered approach. There are approx 750 children of age group 0-24 whom we cover under the project for their inclusive development. Reading writing improvement program also proved to be a success for these academically weak children.

How we will utilize these funds

GCK wishes to utilize the funds for sourcing them to 2 Child Resource Centres and 1 GCK Library with the required books in their preferred languages. This will benefit the underprivileged children who wish to read more and more books to improve their learning levels. Apart from this the funds will also cover logistic costs.