Empower Aarti children to dream BIG!

by Aarti home (Vijay foundation trust)

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Our story

Aarti home comprises of 300 orphan kids, who have suffered abuse, trafficking, and abandonment before reaching here. All these kids are provided with education, food and shelter. We want to help them dream big and turn into achievers. We strongly believe that reading different kinds of books, such as; story books, biographies, abridged books, english communication skills books, GK books etc.., will help them learn and grow up to be confident individuals. We want to push them to take their future into their own hands. Help us empower these kids by providing them a rich reading experience.

Who we are

Aarti home was started in the year 1992 for the abandoned girl children with 5 of them. After fostering the 5 girls, number increased within no time. In 1995 District Collector offered Sandhya land to grow her institution. Aarti Home was built in 1996. Yet, overtime the organization grew and in 2013, Aarti Village was created in the outskirts of Kadapa to give the girls a place to play and grow. Now we have 300 children in Aarti school.

Our work and its impact

Aarti home believes that Aarti is not an institution, but a real home where children can be themselves. No matter their background, all children have a unique potential and deserve the love and resources they need to realize their dreams. Aarti cares for children through their childhood and throughout their lives.

How we will utilize these funds

Our children in Aarti school come from a under privileged background with little exposure. One of the best way to expose them to the world is through books. We will use the funds to get a good mix of books and create a school library.