setup a library in a rural village government school

by Govt High school

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Our story

I am a faculty in IFHE University, I know the value of education. Most of the village students are drop their education below 10th class. There are many reasons. Due to poverty and illiterate parents. No encouragements. They never read good books other than text books. If we set-up a library with good books. They can get courage and self motivation by reading general books.

Who we are

I am Anjireddy, am working as faculty in department of mathematics at IFHE University, in Hyderabad. I came from rural village back ground. Am supporting Our village from last five years to improve the students education. I have donated a computer recently. Every year from my family giving best student award for two students.

Our work and its impact

The Govt school is located in a small village Gundedu (V), Kamalpoor (Mon), Warangal(D) Telangana. Most of the students are coming from below poverty line. In that 80% of them are girls students. They need better education. They have to read other than text books. Due to poverty their parents can not provide other than text books. If we set-up a library they can read good books and gain the knowledge.

How we will utilize these funds

We want buy minimum 300 books. Which are provide good knowledge and self motivation books. By reading these books students must grow them self. They have to learn how to live in society. They have to learn how to help for the society.