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Our story

Education is the only remedy to all social evils... So we believe. The goal of education, eventually needs to be, morality in addition to building knowledge. Stories alone can ensure that. Stories can unwind a wonderful world to the child. Stories are the only way to learn with fun. Stories are the way to loving one's language. Stories are all. We would want to take this world of stories to every child in our neighborhood and build strong and brave children with every wonderful value that will be envied upon. Thanks for helping us do that by donating a book!

Who we are

Payanmaram was a facebook and blog page used by few independent social workers working closely with children in low income communities in their neighbourhood. However, we gradually realized that we could do more and that too with more credibility if we registered. Hence, we registered on 27-01-2017.

Our work and its impact

Our main focus is on Out Of School Children. We believe that these children are children who have some serious deprivation - often victims of poverty, victims of sibling care, victims of abuse, victims of child marriage and so on. Every child loves stories and that, we have observed has been the easier and effective way to reach every little heart.

How we will utilize these funds

We would like to use these funds to have a wonderful collection of books for children in different communities. While we want to setup reading rooms in communities where there is good support and ample interest, we would like to take these books to children in slums where setting it up may not be possible. We will take a neighbourhood approach so that there will be follow-ups. And want to do it sincerely.