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Our story

We want to spread awareness on Education for those children who are not able to attend school , for those who don't have money to buy books and for those children who really want to learn and achieve goals for life but nobody here to help out them. These books really going to help these ambitious children. We really try to help them with our small efforts and want your support also so that we can help these student for their better life with very huge no. of good books.

Who we are

TAJ FOUNDATION -The Awareness Junction- as the name implies is a not for profit entity engaged in spreading awareness about issues which damage the community members of under privileged sections of society. TAJ FOUNDATION came into being in the year 2015 when a seasoned corporate professional Shiv Shankar was driven by a dream to spread awareness and initiate affirmative action to combat issues afflicting the under privileged members of our society. At TAJ Foundation, we believe that the fabric of community is structured only on gathering. We strongly postulate this theory and such gathering with the others in the overall community seems to be the best way for creating an environment to learn, grow, get enthused as well as inspired. Such act undoubtedly makes people to feel connected with the other members of the community who can share their passions and needs.

Our work and its impact

To achieve the vision by developing, designing and implementing sustainable models and programmes by joining hands with communities at grass root levels on one hand and with donors, corporate and government agencies on the other.To spread awareness and empower underprivileged sections of our society in combating issues damaging the overall wellbeing of its constituent communities.TAJ FOUNDATION is spreading awareness about eye health issues of school going/adolescentgirls and women womenof rural and semi-urban areas in India and designing programmes for extending latest advanced eye care initiatives to this most important segment of our society. Improving health of women will translate into improving health of children and thereby the whole society.These eye camps are an awareness campaign and eye testing program for the school going & adolescent girls facilitated by eye specialist to sensitize them about various types of infections, diseases within eyes, how to care for their eye, preventive measures which are followed by eye testing to identify girls with weak eyes and provided them free spectacles as well. The last camp at Agra received a very good response from the community. Another camp is being held on 10th December 2016, in Adarsh Nagar slum community, Delhi.

How we will utilize these funds

At its most basic level, education is important because it gives people the baseline skills to survive as adults in the world. ... Others believe education is important because it helps to answer life's big questions, including questions of how to live, work and love. We are going to manage library in village and rural area so that student from economy weaker part can avail this kind of facility like private school. And there will be no special teacher will be there at that time these books are going to help them out with fun learning system they will start love with books and education.