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by Lakshya- Ek Behtar Samaaj

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  • Impact: 100 children
  • Languages: English, English, Hindi
  • Beneficiary Type: Not-for-Profit Organisation
  • Location: Lucknow, Maharashtra

Our story

Lakshya Ek Behtar Samaaj was started by Ranjesh Singh. Having worked himself as a manual scavenger, Ranjesh founded Lakshya to support children of manual scavengers. Hailing from Assam, these communities migrate to Lucknow in search of work. As they have no social entitlements, their children were out of school. Through Lakshya, these children are being mainstreamed, they get out of school support and exposure to various social issues. I'm raising books for 2 Library sets for 2 of their centres- Ranjesh says he will call it Kitabon ki Duniya!

Who we are

I'm a NonProfit &/ Development Sector professional who strongly believes in equality of opportunity. I've been associated with Lakshya ek Behtar Samaaj since a few months. Ranjesh's passion is contagious. His resources and skills are limited but his passion is enough to help these children soar high.

Our work and its impact

We wish to open a world of possibilities for these children through books. We'd like them to become avid readers, fuel their imagination and in the process develop their languge, articulation and confidence.

How we will utilize these funds

The goal is to start a library for the 2 centes of Lakshya ek Behtar Samaaj. We also aim to start a mobile library with a door to door lending program for all disadvantaged children.