Library for Rural Govt School

by Satish Kumar Moida

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  • Impact: 200 children
  • Languages: Telugu, Telugu, English
  • Beneficiary Type: Government School
  • Location: vizianagram, Andhra Pradesh

Our story

There is no proper education given to rural areas govt school children. If we all together can setup library in govt schools they can read the books and learn and literacy rate also increases

Who we are

My self Satish Kumar. My father is govt teacher. When i visited my father's govt school i have seen many of children were not interested in studies but they were interested in story listening and reading so I thought we can arrange a small library in every class to read the books

Our work and its impact

i am a student and i participate in most of service oriented activities and i feel responsible to society and i learn many skills during this activities and we have to serve the poor and participate in developing rural areas and improve literacy rate in rural areas

How we will utilize these funds

We all together can setup a library in rural govt schools for their moral and ethics education which helps to bring tomorrow indians and to eradicate illiteracy rate in rural areas. To be a civilized human and create a civilized society it is important to have knowledge through which we became educated in different fields. This knowledge may be practical or experience gained through day to day incidents. Another is knowledge received through books. Books provide a wide variety of knowledge in every field. We can know the history through the literature given in the books. Libraries build organization that support learning. With the modernization everything is changing for advancement and development.people like farmers, school children, women and youth are taking active part in development through library in rural areas.