Send Books To A Residential School in Sikkim

by Sikkim Himalayan Academy

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Our story

Our mission is to provide free education as well as daily care to the children in need from the remote mountains of Sikkim. We work everyday relentlessly towards the growth and happiness of the students.

Who we are

The Sikkim Himalayan Academy is a school that offers education and living opportunities to underprivileged children from remote areas of Sikkim. The curriculum at the school is based on the standards of the Indian education system. Along with academics, the students are actively involved in artistic, musical and cultural activities. The school places great value on Sikkim’s heritage, and recognises its role in practising and preserving traditional culture.

Our work and its impact

Many families, especially those in remote areas, simply cannot afford to send their children to frequently distant public schools, making places like our Academies vital. Children come from financially challenged families and are used to having very little. Their behavior in class is good and they are motivated to learn and are hard working.

How we will utilize these funds

The funds will be used to add books to our existing library. Currently, we offer students meals and spend on getting them uniforms, school books, medical welfare and need funds to get more books for the kids. Kids who shift to the government school from 6th standard onwards can also continue to access these books.