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Our story

We are running a project which aims at empowerment of underprivileged children especially girls in the age group of 6 to 14 years. Presently around 600 children are enrolled at various centers where NIPUN is providing them Pre-Schools, Non Formal & Remedial Educations, and eventually mainstreaming them into Government School It also envisages creating a conductive and enabling environment in the community for empowerment of girl children. We would like to create a Book Bank for these children so as to inculcate better reading habits to these children, promote joyful learning and to reduce drop outs.

Who we are

“NIPUN” - a Hindi word, meaning ‘one who is skilled’ - is a Non Government Organization founded primarily to enhance quality of life of the poor and the vulnerable, by a group of socially conscious development workers in 2005. Children and youth are its target group, with physically and mentally challenged children and adults forming a priority category. Pre, Non-formal and Remedial Schools, Community Health Programmes, HIV/Aids and Promotion of Self-Help Groups forms its major strategies.

Our work and its impact

NIPUN has made a modest beginning with community organization, enhancing skills of children and youth and educational activities in the slum areas in West, South West, North West and South Delhi. The approach of the organisation is to organise and sensitize members of the community about their developmental needs and initiate them to address those needs, develop their capacities, utilize local wisdom, encourage community participation, apportion and delegate responsibilities, develop linkages, maintain follow up and feedback, with emphasis on treating family as the basic unit for development.

How we will utilize these funds

NIPUN is working for the population which is inhabited by the poor and marginalized families most of whom have migrated from the neighbouring states in search of some employment. Casual labour, domestic services, rickshaw pullers and petty trading are among the major sources of livelihood. Both of the parents usually go for work to meet both ends of the family. The children do not receive due attention. In any case education is not their priority. The children are left at home at the mercy of Almighty during the day hours when the parents go out for work. The elder children look after the young children. NIPUN firmly believes – and this belief is confirmed by our experiences – that education is the most effective tool for building up individuals, families and communities. NIPUN wishes to make available these books at the door step to these children.