Vidhya Chiguru

by Murali.S

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Our story

This project aims at inculcating reading and writing skills among mostly the government school kids at village level. For non-government schools kids this will be a platform for non-academic area.

Who we are

I am just like any normal guy with an apt interest in community education work waiting for a long long time with wide eyes to see some effective changes in the system of our country. I am an B.E Computers graduate full time volunteering into education for children.My interests are Environment, Science and reading.

Our work and its impact

I am a full time volunteer in the which mission conducts extensive work in the areas of education, health care, rural development, tribal welfare, environment conservation and culture. In my experience literary skills are mistaken for bookish knowledge to satisfy this competetive world. As i am working among rural community this is the most neglected. I have been trying and to some extent successful in motivating few for pursuing studies with an holistic approach.

How we will utilize these funds

Since its an established fact that literary and reading culture has been washed away by the advent of technological gadgets. Historically also we have a poor reading and documenting skills. I feel its none other than lethargy. I intend to setup libraries at village level to support studies, off school timings. For now i will start with an small library in my hometown. This will mainly focus on the non academic part and encourages kids to read and improve their literary skills. The libraries will be properly networked and cataloged and will become the knowledge hub locally giving global knowledge.