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Our story

One of the key projects of the Avalokiteśvara Trust is FOUNTAIN OF LEARNING which is an initiative to nurture and educate children in isolated villages of Ladakh. Far from our base in Leh, we have set up 40 reading rooms and book corners in schools and learning centres, stocking them with a range of materials, mostly childrens' books, in all the languages taught here - Hindi, Urdu, English and Ladakhi/Tibetan & also bilinguals (English-Hindi). The reading rooms are set up in existing schools, repainted and refurbished. We hope to add more books to our existing reading rooms!

Who we are

I am a designer and educator dedicated to child-friendly learning. My work is primarily inspired by the sublime values of limitless compassion, mindfulness and human connection. My skills lie in designing educational modules that evoke imagination, enhance creativity and set young learners out on the path of inquiry-based learning. I believe that filling a classroom with love and connection, safety and trust, enthusiasm and the joy for learning encourages children to tap into their true creative potential. Each and every child, irrespective of his or her family or financial background, deserves a chance to go to school, to read and write, to explore, to discover and to learn, play and grow; while truly enjoying the process of learning! And it is said that where compassion thrives, so does learning!

Our work and its impact

Children in remote areas of Ladakh are not receiving adequate support towards an enriching learning experience. Many schools do not have proper facilities, let alone a library. These children miss out on learning opportunities that can open them up to the world outside the mountainous terrain they live in. This project aims to offer an opportunity to these children who otherwise have been neglected. Since its inception in 2011, the project has expanded swiftly and naturally, in response to the widespread need, and positive reception of our earlier work. From beginnings in one or two monastery schools, with the aim of enhancing educational resources and experiences for the children of Ladakh, the project has reached out to other isolated and neglected schools across Ladakh, towards both the Indo-China and Indo-Pakistan borders and is contemplating broader engagement. In the expanded project area, we have accomplished the following: -Sourcing and collection of children's books and setting up reading rooms -Supply of pedagogical material, educational games and sports equipment -Empowering Ladakhi teachers with educational resources, teaching aids and training programs -Translating and publishing one childrens' book -Setting up a volunteer programme to benefit children, schools, teachers and communities

How we will utilize these funds

The funding shall enable us to have more books for the existing reading rooms and moreover, help us create more libraries for more schools.