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by Sonia Suryavanshi

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Our story

The idea of Saamarth first struck me when during my experience in rural areas I found that the government efforts in educating students have had a fair start and already consumed lots of resources. There are successful incentives, like the mid-day meals, but it lacks a vital component: it lacks those feelings which make education less mechanical, more participatory for young minds. Though this model,I propose to augment the resources and efforts that exist on the ground.The approach will utilise the existing infrastructure to the maximum and build a layer of creative, thoughtful,participatory intervention by the side.

Who we are

"Saamarth" is an effort to enable young students of government and municipal schools in villages and towns to develop skills at par with what their more privileged counterparts in private schools can afford as a right. The standard of education in government schools suffers due to lack of adequately competent human resource, financial resource and, above all, social and administrative will to introduce socially relevant and innovative teaching methods for young minds. In this process, we aim to use latest educational and creative tools and technological aids to make education more interesting for students, so that they feel that their visits to the school are worth much more than mere statistical exercise for the school administration. Instilling a sense of active participation in their own education will become a hallmark of the Saamarth way of learning.

Our work and its impact

As been working on the education project from the past seven years, I have noticed that there is a lack of sufficient books in the govt. schools. And if the books are there they are so limited in numbers that students find them very boring after a certain period of time. In order to inculcate the habit or reading among the students and seeing the paucity of quality books in the school we thought of initiating the campaign so that quality education can be imparted to the young minds of India.

How we will utilize these funds

"Saamarth" aims at setting up a library by the mid of 2016 of the campaign. The collected funds will be utilized for buying books for children in English and Hindi. We also aim to start a book lending program among the schools in that particular block.