Feed the Hungry Minds

by Samaritan Help Mission

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Our story

The agenda of the program is each child should have a book. We are extending the library for the young minds of Tikiapara, Howrah where reading is not just reading text but also enhancing the power of imagination. We want to emphasize on developing reading habit by introducing different innovative approach followed by creative activities. This will help mind to grow and develop curiosity. The library will have different levels of books. Initial level books have simple sentences maximum 10 words per page. As the level will increase the complexity of the words and sentences will increase.

Who we are

Samaritan Help Mission (SHM) was established in 2001 by Mamoon Akhtar at Tikiapara, Howrah. It started with a small non-formal school in his house of 600 Sq Ft with 6 children and now it has two schools providing low cost English medium education to the children of Tikiapara, Howrah. The organization is benefiting 2067 children from all caste and creed. It is providing quality English Medium education to the deprived children of rick-Shaw pullers, orphans, father in jail and mothers work as house-maid. SHM is a space where these children learn to dream big and think global. Here children learn to turn their aspiration into reality.

Our work and its impact

Samaritan Help Mission (SHM) aims to provide quality English medium education to the underprivileged children of Tikiapara, Howrah. It has two schools, running from Pre primary to 9 standard. It has well qualified teachers and believes in providing holistic approach to learning. SHM foster growth and provide a healthy ambiance where children can learn and aspire for better life. It develops conceptual understanding in children by activity based learning process. More focus is given to individual child’s need. Regular teacher training is developing the capacity of the teachers so that they can develop and polish innumerable young minds. At present SHM is focusing to scale up the process and providing all the facilities to the children which will not only shape them up in their career but also in personal life. To enhance the learning process reading with understanding is an important skill and to develop that SHM require improving the library that will strengthen the process and fulfilled the dreams of many.

How we will utilize these funds

Samaritan Help Mission is planning to improve the library, making it a place which can foster a sense of community and prepare students for the future. The Money will be used to buy age appropriate books. Each class will have a weekly library class in which innovative reading session and storytelling session with voice modulation will be conducted. Students will also practice different kinds of innovative activities that will develop vocabulary and will learn appreciate use of words with correct sentence formation, as a result reading with understanding skill will develop . The whole process will improve the quality and effectiveness of education. It will be a lifelong learning and well being. Scope of rich variety of opportunities for accessing information resources will be there. Students will be encouraged for conversation and group learning. It will be extension of classroom where new pedagogy, including collaborative and interactive learning take place. Informal learning activities in a traditional reading room will inspire learning. The whole approach will create social and spiral dimensions of the experience.